One of God's storage areas; The Forest     A very cool thing happened to me this past Saturday, but I have to go back a year to start to tell about it;

Many years ago I was an avid hunter, hunting every season. But I have not hunted for about 10 years till last year (2011) I felt that I needed to get my hunting license and go hunting. I went all out and got the waterfowl license and duck stamp too. Being all legal, I went out for the hunt. Week after week went by, I never even saw a deer. Of course I boo hoo’ed to God about it. I really felt the need to get some meat in the freezer to be sure I had enough to go to the next season. As each week went by, I got more frustrated at not seeing anything. If only I could at least see a deer, I would become encouraged, but no, nothing.

Almost at the end of the season, when I was complaining to our understanding Heavenly Papa, He said to me “Why are you concerned, have I not said that I would meet your every need? When you need a deer for meat, I will bring it to you. If you kill a deer now, you will have to clean it, package it, and then store it. I will store your deer for you; it will be fed, and fattened for you and kept healthy until the day you need it. You will not have to hunt it down, I will bring it to you when you need it.” I thought HOW COOL it that!!! I thought about it a little and boy, it sure made sense to me! How many times in the past did meat get freezer burned cause it was stored in the freezer too long? Or how many times was the meat degraded because of too long a storage? Yeah, it made perfect sense to me, our Father is SO Wise!

I went through the rest of that deer season with a different mindset. A KNOWING that when I needed a deer for meat, that my loving Abba Father will provide. I had a peace and a comfort that comes with KNOWING He has us, He provides for us, He’s watching our backs.

This year’s hunting season came about and I figured I had better get my license, but only got the Big Game License. All of October and November went by without even an urge to go out and hunt, till last week. I heard the dogs running deer and thought “I need to get out there and hunt”. Now I have heard the dogs running deer around our land before, but had no desire to get out there to hunt, but this time was different. I quickly gathered my gun and stuff and went out on the land to hunt. I came to a spot and the Holy Spirit told me to “Sit Here”, so I sat. Dogs were running all about and it sounded like deer were going to come my way, but not a one did. Before long, the dogs were gone and it became quiet. I sat for about half an hour and got a bit restless, so I decided to move to a spot where I had killed deer before, about 200 yards from where I was at. It was thick in brush getting there, but finally got to a spot and climbed a leaning tree so I good vision of the area. I was there maybe 15 min and started hearing dogs running a deer towards me. I was getting excited, but then heard; “you need to go back where I told you to sit!”. I hesitated for a moment cause it sounded like the deer was heading right for me, but I quickly got down and started back to where I was, just KNOWING that is where I needed to be.

I came very close to the spot where the Holy Spirit told me to sit and I heard leaves shuffling around. Here came this huge Buck right to me!! I shot and I got him. I won’t go through all the details of tracking him retrieving him, but that was an adventure all in itself.

The whole time I was out there hunting this time, I felt no “need” to get a deer and was not anxious to get one. I remembered what our Father said last year and took it as fact. As I sat out there hunting, I had a peace within me as I praised God (under my breath) the whole time out there.

Given the chance, the Father will indeed provide everything we need. All too often we want to “fix it” ourselves and do things our own way to get what we think we need. Just like when I got restless and moved from that spot I was told to sit at; I tried to fix the fact that I did not see a deer yet and thought I knew of a better spot. If I remained stubborn and stayed in that tree, I would have missed the blessing that God had in store for us. It is so important for us to follow His lead in EVERYTHING and not our own or man’s way of doing, figuring, or understanding.

There is another side to this: He said “when you NEED it…”. I don’t see that we need any meat now. So now I ask Him, “what is to happen to cause us to need this meat?” I really don’t think that question is going to get answered yet, but that is OK, I trust that He will inform us of anything that needs to be revealed when it is time.




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