Worship Tent Down       A little over a month ago, we took the tent down. The Lord directed me during Pentecost to take it down. He did not give me a reason, but by learning from past experiences, we took it down. It took quite a while; it is amazing how much you can make something seem permanent with decorations, carpeting, furniture, and all sound equipment in place. Packing it all up and storing it took quite some time. After washing the tent inside and out and letting it dry, it came down. For over 2 1/2 years the red and white tabernacle was up where powerful worship took place and God came down and many, many worshipers. Now there is just a dirt circle on the grounds that once was.

After the tent came down and became stored, the rains started to come. It has been raining here in Eastern North Carolina for what seems like forever, but more like a month. The ground is totally saturated with no where for the water to go, so it fills everything it can. Even on the day of this writing. it is still raining. I know by the drenching of the ground that the tent would have been wet throughout. It was always a job keeping mold and mildew under control, but I know that under these super wet conditions, it would have been impossible to contain and control it in the tent. It would be out of control on everything. At this time, I am glad the tent is down. Is this the reason our Holy Father told me to take it down? I still do not know, but I know that someday I will be shown, or told why it had to come down.

This is my first Blog, but certainly not my last. The next will come soon and I believe it will focus on “Comfort”.

Be Blessed in ALL You Do,