“The Card”

Back in 2011 at an Aglow conference, a couple ladies came up to me (Aslan) and said they really didn’t understand our worship and couldn’t enter in. This bothered me and I asked God what I could do to help people to understand about our “Raw Worship” to Him. Sunday morning of the conference, as I laid there in bed thinking about it all, our Father gave me what I should say;

We all receive greeting cards during the year for special days, or even just from people who just want to tell us they love us. The people giving those cards spend time looking for the best worded card on the rack to convey what they want to say.

When we receive the nice card, it touches us. We receive it with love and we say thank you. But the cards that REALLY touch our hearts, are the handwritten cards. You know, the cards that go on the refrigerator. The ones that stay on our hearts long after the “Hallmark” cards have been thrown away. We know that the one making that card is pouring their heart out into it. When a child writes a handwritten card saying “I Love You Mommy”, “I Love You Daddy”, that really touches our heart, and it goes on that refrig for months at a time. Well our wonderful Papa in heaven loves to hear what is on your heart too.

When Lydia and I worship our Heavenly Father, we are singing a “Handwritten Card” to Him. It comes directly from our hearts to our Papa. The pre-written songs that everyone sings to God are like the Hallmark cards, written by someone else. They can be powerful at times, but fall short of the spontaneous songs sung from our hearts to the Heart of God.

If the ones that love you only said it to you by reading it from a prewritten card, it would fall way short of a heartfelt “I Love You” straight from their heart. Our wonderful Father in Heaven is the same; He would love hear the heart that you have for Him straight from your heart.

So as we worship, we invite you to sing a “Handwritten Card” to your Papa in Heaven. It will mean so much more to Him to hear your heart for him. You can sing silently in your heart to Him, or aloud, He will hear either way.

“The song you sing from your heart to God, He will carry it in His heart forever. It’s the children’s cards that still hang on the refrigerator, not the Hallmark cards. So give God a Heart Song today, and He will carry it in His Heart forever.”

"The Card" As it was given for the first time at the 2011 Aglow Conference in NC.

by Aslan Hart