After 12 years of marriage, Lydia Renee and I are going to have a child. Now to many, that may be in the category of “normalcy” for a married couple. But like Paul Harvey used to say, “but here’s the rest of the story”;

When Lydia and I met and started courting over 13 years ago, we found there was a difference in what our thoughts were when it came to children.

I have four girls from previous marriages and three were grown and gone and one was about 12 years old. For me, I felt “I put my time in” and really wanted no more children. To have grandchildren over sometimes a enjoy and then to hand back was my only thought I had on any children again for me.

Lydia thought completely different and wanted children. She was married before and had tried to have children, but never conceived. Her heart was to love and raise children, but it seemed not possible. Her cycles were never regular and she never knew when she would have one. She has about 5 per year, if that. So it made it difficult for her to even figure out any kind of timing.

This was a pretty big deal and a “make it or break it” situation for many engaged couples; which we had become. Knowing we only wanted what God wanted for our lives, we both came to agreement on what we would do in this area of our marriage. The agreement was that we would live our lives as any other married couple would; coming together as if a child would be the result with no means of stopping that from happening. On the other hand, we would never consider adoption or try any “test tube” type methods of pregnancy. We would not take any fertilizing enhancers, or do anything that would “increase the chance” of having a child other than the natural act of procreation. In other words, we would not do anything that man could get the glory for; If it was God’s plan for us, He would make it happen naturally.

Through the 12 years there were many well intentioned who suggested different herbs and concoctions that would boost fertilization and conception. Some suggestions even came my way to make me perhaps “more potent”. But even though Lydia Renee’s heart was to have a child, we knew if we took anything like that, whatever we took would get the glory for the pregnancy and not our God. We agreed, it has to be of the Lord ONLY.

There were many times through the years that Lydia’s body wasn’t acting “normally”, so it prompted her to get a pregnancy test. They always came out negative and her hopes were always dashed. There were a few times I wanted to tell her “no more tests!” because of the disappointment I would see in her face, but knew that would have had more of a negative effect by taking away her hopes.

It was in June and we were coming up on our 12th Anniversary on July 1st, this year. Lydia had some aches and pains in unusual areas and we prayed over them and believed her to be healed. June 20th I was doing a chimney and woodstove installation and she asked if I needed her help, but since she still did not feel well, I told her no, But we did have a main business Rep coming to see us and he was coming to the jobsite, so she could come and meet us both there and go to lunch. We met with the Rep had lunch, and went our separate ways. I went back to the job and Lydia went home, or so I thought she did….

I was on the roof installing the flashing and chimney pipe when Lydia pulled up, got out, and said something that I really did not understand, but she had a smile on her face. I said “what??”, and she said “Unless I am mistaken, you are gonna be a daddy!”…… I had no idea how to react….. or what to say, it was the very last thing I thought I would ever hear her say…. after all, I am 60 Years Old!! I said in a very frustrated tone of voice” I don’t know how you want me to react, but I have got to finish this job, so I will talk to you at home.”. I know, not the best way to react, but I was totally taken aback. She didn’t look pleased with my reaction either, and went on home.

I finished the job and went home. When I got home, she was sitting out on the swing on the Worship Grounds. I knew the first thing we needed to do was get confirmation. I would really hate it for her to get her hopes up real high and find out that the test was faulty and she come crashing down. So in all my wisdom I said, let’s wait a couple more days and do two more tests to confirm or not confirm……. There was silence……. then she said rather boldly, “I cannot wait two days!!, I cannot wait until tomorrow!” Sometimes us guys are a bit thick, and I guess that was one of my moments; I didn’t realize that she had been waiting for this result practically her whole life, and I was asking her to put off being sure, duh.

Well she went to town, bought the tests, and came back home with them before she performed the test (a request of mine). Both new tests were of different brands, so now there would be no doubting what the results were. Test one; Positive! Right there was the 2 out of three that I was looking for, but then test two in 30 more minutes; Positive! 3 out of 3, There was surely no doubt now!

That night I had a really hard time sleeping. Thoughts of me in my old age being a daddy again and “how will I be able to do it?”. That morning I realized that I could not count on myself, but had to rely upon my Heavenly Father, for it is He who is bringing this child forth. He opened up a barren woman’s womb so she could bear a child and I know He would not place on me anything I could not handle!

So much has come about since that day and night. The Holy Father has downloaded so much in me about who this child is. He told me that it is a boy and the name to give him. This will be an upbringing like I have never known before. This child will be brought up as God instructs and not as man instructs. I am totally at peace about this son whom will belong to the Lord God. I KNOW that it will not be by the strength of this flesh that it will be done, but by the power of our God.

This is a miracle in that Lydia has been barren her whole life. That at age 43, she would conceive and have a child. God did this so only He would get the glory, and it IS only He who gets the Glory. God Greatly Blessed Lydia Renee in giving her the desires of her heart, and that blesses me Greatly. But God gets blessed in this child as well, because the Glory will continue to be His for eternity. This child WILL be used by God in a mighty way and WILL glorify only our God.

One last thing I had to overcome; I know God told me the child is a boy, and I know He told me his name. But I was waiting to say what the Lord told me when I got “confirmation” from the ultra-sound that he is indeed a boy. The Father took me to the “wood shed” on that one in that it was the wrong thing to do. That shows no trust in what HE told me. So as of last night (Aug 10th) I made the announcement at church what God told me and released his name. We fully trust in Papa Yah and what he has done and will do.

The name God has given me for our son is Zadok. His due date is right around January 19th, 2014, my birthday.


UPDATE!!! : On 01/23/2014 Zadok Elias Hart was born at 4:03 PM, weighing 6 lb, 1 oz and 19 1/4″ long. It was a completely natural birth and Lydia went through minimal pain (as birthing pains go) and only 4 pushes for Zadok to be completely born. We found it pretty cool that God showed us that He was in it all by all the “7s” that were showing up; his weight, 6 – 1, and the time 4:03 were not only adding to seven, but they also equaled our ages: Aslan: 61 and Lydia: 43. They moved Lydia to her room within a couple of hours, her room number? 2212…. Do the math.  We have been SO blessed by all the support prayers we have received from around the country and want to thank everyone!!!

Aslan (Alan Hart)