About Lion Of Judah Worship

The road we have been down; our history, past and present, plus where we think God is directing our steps into the future.

Seeking God's Plan

We are continually seeking direction from God; He is our navigator and our life planner. His will is ultimately our will.

Sound equipment

We have been upgrading our sound equipment over the past years as God has directed. All new equipment fresh off the assembally line.

Video Production

We have been trying to video record many more sessions than we previously have.

Equipment for the Road

With the platform/stage trailer God has blessed us with recently, we anticipate a “horse” to pull it since we have none right now.

Our Story is coming soon.


Aslan Hart

Aslan Hart

OverSeer/Senior Pastor

Lydia Renee Hart

Lydia Renee Hart

Sr. Associate Pastor

Loretta Bowden

Loretta Bowden

Associate Pastor